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Guiding You At Every Step

A relationship is the first thing we’ll build.

Creating luxury custom kitchen cabinets means getting the details right. Our commitment to quality can be seen in seamless joinery or the subtle brush marks of a hand-painted finish. To produce a space that’s uniquely yours, we’ll learn all we can about the way you live and the styles you love.  Keep reading to see the steps we take to make your project successful. 

1. Inspiration, layout & design

Typically, clients meet with us after they have plans from their contractor with room dimensions or layout of their space.


During our initial visit, you’ll learn about our build process, explore our showroom and consider ways to tailor the kitchen cabinet design to your lifestyle needs, traffic flow and personal preferences.


To define the aesthetic elements of your custom cabinets, we’ll review inspirational photos and samples of door styles, finishes, wood species and hardware.

2. Drafting the details

Once the design is established, our drafstmen continue to refine your vision as they work through all technicalities and dimensional details of your project. Our longstanding expertise ensures that we will be able to deliver a final product that is everything you expected and more.  


Communication is key for all parties involved, so we stay in touch with contractors, clients and project coordinators to ensure a seamless workflow and no surprises along the way.

3. Construction & finishing

Working side-by-side with our drafting team, the production department combines traditional woodworking methods with precise manufacturing techniques to create cabinetry of unmatched quality.


Your custom kitchen cabinets then move on to our finishing area where we can perform quality checks on color matches, wood selections and other aesthetic features.


Through each step, our team remains in close communication about key production details. 



4. Cabinet installation

Upon completion, we review the project plans and deliver the cabinets to your home from our headquarters in Sugarcreek, Ohio.  We understand that flexibility may be required on any job site and work to accommodate contractors and unforeseen situations that may arise. 


Our expert cabinet installers are equipped with all of the necessary information about your project and can make sure the final product is just as you pictured it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can help you through any stage of the design process. Some clients provide us with a cabinet layout and we fine tune the details. Other times, we simply start with the room dimensions and design from scratch. We invite you to share inspirational photos, hardware samples or anything else that will help us understand the look you’re going for.


Your custom kitchen cabinet project is about more than creating a stunning interior. If you need a layout that allows you to entertain dinner guests or a place for the kids to hang their coats, we’ll help you consider the functional elements that make your space feel like home.

By managing all aspects of cabinet production in-house, we are able to control each step of the process and determine if any adjustments may be needed to make the project successful. Learn more about our commitment to quality. 

Designing your home can be one of the biggest endeavors of your lifetime, and it is our privilege to help guide you. Your home is your personal space, and we believe you should love it. You should also feel good about the process, and we work to make your overall experience motivating and inspiring.

Let’s Work Together

The space we create today will be a part of your family’s memories for years to come. That’s why the most important thing we’ll build is a relationship with you.